Leesburg Scout Project Nets Winter Clothing Donations

Multiple Leesburg communities and an Ashburn preschool contributed to Brian Hummer’s winter coat collection, which far exceeded expectations.

Brian Hummer, an Eagle Scout candidate and member of Leesburg Troop 1550, delivered more than 2,100 winter clothing items to a very thankful Good Shepherd Alliance in January, far surpassing his initial goal.

“People thought I was crazy for setting a goal of 550 items, but I had faith in the Leesburg community,” said Brian. Clearly he was correct. 

Brian, fellow Troop 1550 scout volunteers and parents delivered 3,000 brochures to 13 Leesburg neighborhoods announcing the Eagle Project and date of pick-up. The homeowners seemed glad to support both the Boy Scouts and Good Shepherd Alliance with the same donation.

“I wanted to find an Eagle Project that helped as many people as possible,” Brian said. “I think it is safe to say I succeeded.”

Brian and the troop gave a special thanks to the homeowners of Woodlea Manor, Ashton Downs, Rokeby Farm, Grenata, Shenstone Farm, Dunrobin, Catoctin Chase, Beacon Hill and Fox Ridge for their generous support. Additional thanks go to the families and teachers of the Primrose School at Moorefield Station in Ashburn, where the school set up a donation box.

[Thanks to Mike Hummer providing this information. Post your own announcements on Leesburg Patch about other people in the community.]


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