Leesburg Woman Spreads Healthy Message with Song

The music she creates aims to teach children lessons.

Leesburg native Linda Hiserman, a songwriter who teaches music in private schools around Loudoun County, tries to put lessons in her songs.

For example, she found that spending a lot of time around young children, who often have coughs and colds, resulted in her getting sick – a lot. Hiserman decided to find a way through her music to reduce the spread of germs; and so she wrote “Use Your Arm.”

“With every song I write, I try to have a meaning the kids can take home with them,” Hiserman said. “The goal is to teach a healthy lesson in a fun way.”

“Use Your Arm” has a catchy tune with easy to understand lyrics: 

If its allergies and you’ve gotta sneeze, use your arm
A tissue will do but if it’s not near you, use your arm
Let‘s all care, let‘s not share our germs, our germs, our germs

While singing the tune, Hiserman gestures to reinforce the idea of using your arm. She has been writing music for more 20 years and children seem to inspire her.

“It is my passion,” she said.  “I write all kinds of music and I love it when the children’s faces light up when we are singing the songs. It’s a great feeling to have an impact on the kids.”

Hiserman recently released a children’s CD called We Are The Shining Stars, a collection of 17 original songs that has won a seal of excellence from Creative Child Magazine.

Hiserman’s songs are about a range of issues, from healthy living and education to peer pressure and self esteem. Her music career includes writing and producing an educational third-grade social studies program titled, Did You Know?, which has been used by Virginia elementary schools for more than a decade.

For more information about Hiserman’s music, visit mslindasmusic.com.

Gerry February 10, 2013 at 01:33 AM
Linda is very talented and a natural at communicating with children. This cd was a great gift for the children I know. They all love it and know all the songs by heart now.


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