Alamo Drafthouse Opens May 3 at One Loudoun

Beer, food, movies … sing-a-longs? Get ready for a different kind of theater and restaurant.

Next month, give your thumbs a rest. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema opens its Ashburn movie theater and restaurant May 3 at One Loudoun, and while everyone’s welcome, texting and phone calls are not.

The strict theater’s founder explains the ban on device usage as way to put more emphasis on the movie.

“Texting and talking cannot be allowed in movie theaters,” said Tim League, founder and CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, in a response to an article suggesting text-friendly shows. “Our spaces are sacred spaces for movie fans.”

Workers were busy installing signs on the building this week. The sign for the front of the building was expected to be installed Friday morning.

The Ashburn site marks the Alamo Drafthouse’s first step in the Washington, DC, region (although, some inside the Beltway scoff at the notion of Ashburn being part of the DC region). A franchise previously opened in Winchester.

Once called the “Best Theater Ever” by TIME Magazine, Alamo Drafthouse show a range of movies from Hollywood classics to interactive sing-alongs to lost or little seen gems.

Do you hate trying to find your seat once you enter the theater? That’s not an issue at Alamo, where all seating is reserved. Seats are chosen when the tickets are purchased, either online or at the box office.

The drafthouse encourages customers to arrive early for an ad-free pre-show that complements the featured film or event.

Wondering how it all works? Check out the accompanying video that explains it.

And when it comes to the phones, it’s zero tolerance.

“We pride ourselves on bringing back what’s fun about going to the movies,” said Anthony Coco, president of Alamo Drafthouse One Loudoun. “Our concept was created by movie lovers, for movie lovers.”

Learn more about the May 3 Grand Opening, including ticket and food discounts, by following Alamo on Twitter and liking the theater on Facebook.

Need a job? Alamo Drafthouse One Loudoun is in the process of hiring more than 150 server, bartender, and kitchen staff positions. Download an application at http://drafthouse.com/careers.

Shellie April 05, 2013 at 12:31 PM
sue goswellen April 25, 2013 at 11:10 AM
Can't wait
John Smith May 12, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Saw Iron Man 3 there last night. Not a good experience at all. We were 30 minutes into the movie and still no drinks. Movie half over when food came. Eat before the movie and go to a different theater.
Eric Parker May 30, 2013 at 08:18 PM
Wow my girlfriend and I went on a tues and saw Fast 6 we enjoyed the experience very much. My girl,burger,acohol milkshake and a action flick made for a goodnight.We both plan on going back with some friends we told and they are excited to go now as well.


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