Farm’s Pig Wins DC Culinary Competition Cochon 555

Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm provided heritage breed pig for Chef Erik Bruner-Yang.


Karl and Patricia Glaeser, owners of Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm were thrilled to watch as one of their pasture-raised pigs became the winning dish at DC’s culinary competition Cochon 555.

The farm provided the winning 200 pound heritage breed pig for Chef Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground, who prepared six pork dishes for a panel of 20 judges and 450 guests. 

Winning a close race, Chef Erik was named “Prince of Porc” and he and Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm will compete again at the Grand Cochon at the Food & Wind Classic in Aspen this coming June. 

Karl and Patricia are a perfect match for farming – Karl with a degree in Animal Husbandry from University of Maryland, and Patricia having been a private chef in New York City.

Using their unique skill sets in breed and taste, they thoroughly researched their animals before choosing to raise high quality Large Black hogs. Large Blacks grow slower than most other hogs, which allow time for the meat to develop a flavorful marbling.  

Karl and Patricia also believe that by combining their farming philosophy of pasture-raised pork with quality heritage breeds, they could offer the most flavorful pork in the area. They are looking forward to proving this in Aspen when competing for the best tasting pork in the nation!


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