New Businesses: One-Stop Shop Launched on Leesburg Website

Leesburg Debuts Web-Based “Leesburg Launch Pad” To Assist New And Expanding Businesses.

New Businesses: One-Stop Shop Launched in Leesburg.
New Businesses: One-Stop Shop Launched in Leesburg.
Release, City of Leesburg:

The Town of Leesburg recently unveiled a new web-based program that provides a one-stop information center for businesses looking to open or expand in Leesburg. The new Leesburg Launch Pad (www.leesburgva.gov/launchpad) was developed in-house as a joint effort of the Departments of Economic Development, Finance, Planning & Zoning and Utilities. 

In recent years, the Town has implemented land development process improvements which have provided a more predictable and efficient approval process for property owners and developers looking to invest in Leesburg. The Leesburg Launch Pad uses this same logic by allowing entrepreneurs to research locations, zoning regulations, land development approval processes, available business resources, taxes and fees, and to submit questions to staff with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

“The development of the Leesburg Launch Pad compliments our ongoing efforts to improve the flow of information and increase predictability in our land development process,” said Planning & Zoning Director Susan Berry-Hill. “This tool allows prospective Leesburg businesses, or those looking to expand their investment in the Town, to research uses by zoning district and permitting processes on their own time, not just during normal Town business hours.” 

Looking into the future, the Leesburg Launch Pad tool will continue to grow and evolve with the addition of new functions to customize information to specific business uses. In addition, a home-based business version of the Launch Pad will be released soon. 

“The intent of the Leesburg Launch Pad is to establish a ‘start here’ point for business development and expansion in the Town of Leesburg,” said Economic Development Director Marantha Edwards. “Many departments have collaborated to create a smooth pathway to occupancy as a combination of technological enhancements to jump start business openings.” 


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