LTE: Support Joe May in Virginia Senate 33rd Special Election

Voters will go to the polls Jan. 21 to pick a replacement for Mark Herring, who was elected Virginia Attorney General.

A supporter for Joe May in the 33rd Virginia Senate race speaks up.
A supporter for Joe May in the 33rd Virginia Senate race speaks up.

There will be very low voter turnout on Tuesday Jan. 21 for the Special Election for the 33rd State Senate seat vacated by Mark Herring – so this is a great opportunity for voters in Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Herndon and Chantilly to make a difference. 

I will be voting for Joe May, who served twenty years in the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican. May is running as an Independent because several local Republican Party leaders, hours after he announced his candidacy as a Republican, decided to hold a restricted nomination process. I’ve talked with many people, and most feel the Loudoun County Republican party leaders treated May and the citizens of the 33rd district unfairly by manipulating the nomination process. Many are angered by this manipulation, because it greatly limited their ability to participate in the nomination process.

In this Special Election, May is the only candidate with legislative experience. He has worked hard to provide innovative transportation solutions, improve our education system, keep Virginia financially healthy and support policies that encourage economic growth – which helped Forbes magazine to select Virginia as the best state for business in 2013.

Joe May will prioritize what is best for our district and Virginia, without fear of paralyzing party politics – as his actions in the House of Delegates illustrate. In contrast, his Republican and Democrat opponents are constrained by the gridlock of extreme party politics.

Let’s make a difference – be sure to get out and vote on Jan. 21!

Steve Benson
Sterling, VA

Olpe Murphy January 03, 2014 at 01:51 AM
Virginia is a corrupt joke. In civilized countries, representatives are elected with 50% of the vote. If no candidates gets 50%, then thereis a runoff. In Virginia, the governor's race was manipulated by the Obama-Democrats who put in a "libertarian" (LINO) candidate who siphoned off enough votes from the real Libertarian for the corrupt Democrat to steal the election. Likewise in the AG race, no candidate got 50%, but again, there was no runoff. The Democrat got in thanks to day-after votes "discovered" by Democrat machines in Fairfax County and Richmond. During the recount,the Democrats discovered another 1000 or so votes in various hidden places. This special election will determine who will control the Senate, and once again the corrupt Democrat machine has arranged an election with 3 candidates, so their good ol' boy will sneak in with a plurality. Will of the people? Absurd. Virginia is the new Illinois, and Fairfax County is the new Cook (Crook) County.


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