LTE: Dear Santa, Help Us With OpenBand

A Christmas list filled with bundled service options that function as they should.

Dear Santa,

While I haven’t written to you in many years (decades … yikes!), I find that this year I have a need for a very special Christmas gift that I hope you can bring me.

Please try to convince OpenBand to drop its absurd multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and two of its distinguished members, as well as one citizen it has chosen to single out for airing her grievances, and instead, use the money it has set aside for this lawsuit to:

  1. Provide consistent high quality cable television service to its subscribers without the repeated problems of TV stations broadcast without sound or stations with voice and picture out of sync to name just two issues.
  2. Offer 3D television stations to its subscribers like many of its competitors are already doing.
  3. Provide Internet service with a speed that mirrors that of the hare rather than the tortoise, as portrayed in that famous children’s fable.
  4. Allow me to enjoy Netflix when it is being streamed without the constant disruptions I experience due to the poor signal.
  5. Provide telephone service that allows me to hear the other party without hearing the echoing of my own voice during my conversation.

Santa, I realize that this request may be too overwhelming for you to accommodate, so if you cannot fulfill it I will ask instead that you just take care of the following single request: Try to ensure that the Judge who sits on the OpenBand case is now or soon becomes one of its subscribers before the case is heard.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, Santa. 

John Mileo
Lansdowne, VA

Curtis Noel December 18, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Ditto! C. Noel Southern Walk


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