LTE: Reaction to Local Election

Town Council candidate S. Ann Robinson thanks voters for their support while encouraging commitment in the town.

Dear Editor:

What a day Election Day was! To the last, people new or outside the political circles came forward to meet voters for long hours in the face of strong opposition from partisans who felt threatened. I am humbled by your courage and commitment.  

Thank you to all the many who worked with both heart and courage for "Embracing Diversity and Serving the Whole Community" in Leesburg. Your sincere passion for a better life for those who struggle and those whose potential is unfulfilled inspired our hope.

Many new volunteers came forward to engage the challenge of a nonpartisan values campaign in competition with incumbents, and I am humbled by their sincerity and belief that the power of love has a place in the contest for the love of power.

Congratulations to the winners who were re-elected. I am particularly encouraged that Katie Sheldon Hammler won her nonpartisan bid, as she has, through the past three years, been the most attentive person on council towards the legitimate concerns of our low-income community, and we are grateful. That gratitude carries with it our loyal support.

The campaign highlighted several specific needs that, if addressed, can significantly improve the daily lives of thousands. I am hopeful that this is the beginning of a successful effort to address how the role of government can provide dignity and opportunity to Leesburg's low-income working families and thereby incidentally, also elevate the social and economic well-being of everyone.

We really are interdependent.

S. Ann Robinson

F. Gasperini November 08, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Sorry we didn't get you elected too Ann. Please remain active and consider running again.


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