LTE: Stadium May Offer Traffic Benefits

A future One Loudoun resident offers Supervisor Williams his support for the stadium.

Dear Supervisor Shawn Williams,

Thank you for all the great work you are doing.

I am a soon-to-be resident of One Loudoun, waiting for my home construction to finish sometime in January. I am moving from McLean, VA, to Ashburn and looking very much forward to it.

I have been following the discussions on the new stadium. I read both sides of the argument.

At first, I was against it, thinking it would cause much ruckus in the area. But then I learned that it will be built in place of an office building employing a few thousand people. I realized then that it will actually relieve the morning rush hour and, to a little less extent, the after-work rush hour.

I would much rather prefer the occasional off-hour traffic caused from the ball park in exchange for the regular rush hour traffic that is expected to emerge as the area develops further.

I am a little less concerned about the potential noise coming from a ballpark that is 1/8th the size of the Nationals ballpark.

I also welcome the added benefit of culturally enriching the area with the sports and musical activities and the economic boost it will provide for the area.

So, I support you in your support of the ballpark so long as all the concerns about noise, traffic and lighting are resolved.

Keep up all the great work you and your team are doing Supervisor Williams. Thank you.

Mr. Bera A.
A New One Loudoun Resident

joe brewer December 07, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Using the numbers submitted by Kincora of 8300 cars per 10,000 people per event 3800 cars for 4400 people is in the ball park.
Jim December 07, 2012 at 01:57 AM
I just do not see 3,800 cars for 4,400 people at the park. LoCo is full of families and that is who will be attending the games and if there are 3,800 cars that means there are lots of people going to the game alone, I just do not see that. I can see a max of 2,200 cars which is only 2 people per car and even that is a high amount IN MY OPINION of course. Also, with office buildings you will get traffic during rush hour twice a day (morning and evening rush), while with the ballpark, you may get cars for only one rush hour, even then it should be on the tail end of it if they start the games at 7 PM. I know a lot of people are thinking the worst, but I think it will not be as bad as people think.
joe brewer December 07, 2012 at 11:11 AM
Jim and Mr. Play Ball I must amend my thoughts after looking at the Traffic Impact analysis again. I do see your point. The numbers I used came out to 1.25 people per car which is really low I would think more like 2.5 per car or about 1760 cars per 4400 people, so sorry! Maybe a traffic reduction for rush hour because of the office jobs but it still is adding traffic not reducing any.
SeasonedCitizen December 26, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Unlike the new pro One Loudoun Stadium website the www.NoStadiumOn7.org website actually has all of the traffic impact studies, memorandums from both the Loudoun Planning and Transportation Commissions (neither of which support the rezoning request), and historical information from the Kincora studies posted. All of the LTE's that the pro One Loudoun site has posted are all cut & paste instead of linking the original letter so you can see all of the comments and there is no mention of news coverage. The site also has numerous errors to include the actual distances to nearby neighborhoods and they continue to try to equate stadium and event traffic to normal office traffic. Read it for yourself, don't be a drone.
SeasonedCitizen December 26, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Troy, Bera A. must not have read the noise study from the Texas stadium that is now posted under the "resources" tab on www.NoStadiumOn7.org because it clearly states that buildings do not make adequate noise buffers. It also shows that noise at 70dB plus will travel into the surrounding neighborhoods that are almost the exact same distance as Ashbrook, Chelsea Courts, and Potomac Green are from the One Loudoun location.


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