LTE: Thank You for Your Vote

Council member Katie Hammler thanks the voters for her re-election and share her excitement for the future of Leesburg.

Dear Editor,

Thank you Leesburg! I am thrilled I will be able to serve you ALL for four more years on the town council. This historic election proves that Leesburg voters support non-partisan positive politics and Independent candidates for town council. You have also sent an important message that Leesburg voters expect November town elections to be about Leesburg and OUR priority issues, not just issues important to national party politics. We have achieved so much in the last eight years, and I’m energized for all we will accomplish in the next four. 

Congratulations to Kristen, Dave and Tom! I would also like to congratulate Linda, Ann, Bob, Dwight, Jim and Joe for their courage and hard work campaigning for a seat on the dais. I am looking forward to continuing to work with you. We are all committed to Leesburg and I know your active involvement will continue.

I was supported by a tireless A-team of family, friends and neighbors! My love and thanks go out to my devoted husband Rich, and to Rob, Kevin, Shirley, Bob, Deirdre, Brenna, Peg, Denise, Betsy, John, Mike, J.B., and Dennis. Thank you to Henry for making the “hammers” we put up at the polls. I would also like to extend a very special thanks to the few and notable who were willing to break from their party ranks to courageously, publicly and actively support me. 

In particular, my heartfelt thanks go out to Leesburg citizen Delegate Randy Minchew for his public endorsement, as well as for all of his efforts in the General Assembly to keep our town charter non-partisan. I would also like to thank Ann Robinson, who was the first to take a stand against a partisanship strategy in order to support me.

To every citizen in Leesburg: You have my promise that for the next four years I will continue to be a council member who listens and responds to all citizens, researches the issues, compromises with respect, and makes the tough decisions that benefit us all. You have my commitment that I will continue to serve you professionally with honor, dedication, balance and moderation for YOUR agenda.   

Leesburg is the best example of a government that WORKS. We now have one more way we will lead the nation, in a call to non-partisanship, not only as a campaign strategy, but also as a governing strategy, in order to elect and hold accountable representatives whose leadership must be defined by a unified focus on selfless service, civility and solutions. 


Katie Sheldon Hammler
Leesburg Town Council Member


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