Restaurant Owner Launches Pro-Second Amendment Business Website Weeks After Gun Theft

Businesses can register to get a sticker indicating they are friendly to customers who legally carry guns.

Get a pro-Second Amendment sticker for your business by registering at 2amendment.org. Credit: 2amendment.org
Get a pro-Second Amendment sticker for your business by registering at 2amendment.org. Credit: 2amendment.org

A little more than a month after a cache of guns was stolen from Cajun Experience – a pro-Second Amendment restaurant in Leesburg – its owner has launched a website for business owners who support gun rights.

On Dec. 2, Bryan Crosswhite, owner of Cajun Experience, launched 2amendment.org, where business owners can register and receive window decal indicating their establishments are friendly to customers who exercise their legal right to bear arms, according to a story in The Washington Times.

“We want to make it something for business owners who are pro-Second Amendment,” Crosswhite told The Times. “A sticker on the door, just like Zagat [Survey], and that way people who want to do business with pro-Second Amendment companies will automatically connect with those Second Amendment companies.”

Crosswhite explained to Patch that customers should not view the stickers as permitting the open or concealed carry of guns in the businesses that displaying them. Rather people should follow whatever their respective state laws permit. 

"It's not about open carry and or concealed carry," he said. "It's about the Second Amendment."

Crosswhite also emphasized that 2amendment.org is a separate entity from Cajun Experience. He's just involved with both. He said he received lots of positive response about the website.

Every week Cajun Experience has Open Carry Wednesday.

The launch of the website comes just weeks after the Nov. 23 robbery of Cajun Experience in which seven guns were stolen. Five people were charged in the thefts and at least six of the guns have been recovered. Surveillance footage led investigators to a former employee in the crime.


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