Leesburg Man Faces 5 Years in $33 Million Government Contract Conspiracy

He will testify for the government against other conspirators in the case, some within the government.

Leesburg man pleads guilty in government contract fraud.
Leesburg man pleads guilty in government contract fraud.

A Leesburg man faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and major government fraud. He also agreed to testify against other suspects in the conspiracy.

As part of the plea agreement, Anthony R. Bilby, 40, forfeited more than $1 million obtained through the conspiracy.

According to a statement of facts filed with the plea, Bilby worked for two small businesses owned by veterans disabled in service and participated in a ploy to fraudulently gain government contracts. In addition to influencing competitors to inflating bids on contracts, Bilby worked with conspirators within the government, according to the statement of facts. The scheme resulted in the award of more than $33 million in federal contracts via fraud, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Co-conspirator Thomas S. Flynn pleaded guilty in October.

Find more information about the case at http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov or https://pcl.uscourts.gov.


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