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Tax Season Scam Strikes Again in Loudoun

The Sheriff’s Office issued a warning Monday about callers claiming residents are delinquent on taxes.

After a Sterling resident received an apparently fraudulent call indicating he or she faced criminal charges because of taxes owed, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is warning other resident to beware of such calls.

In the incident, the caller claimed to be an officer conducting an investigation into the Sterling resident as well as a family member of the resident related to overdue taxes, according to an LCSO press release. The caller then requested financial information to settle the issue out of court and avoid an arrest.

In the recent incident, the caller declined to provide financial information and called the Sheriff’s Office, according to the release. Similar cases have been reported in the area in recent years. In most cases the subject on the phone will ask the victim to provide debit or credit card information to cover the alleged shortfall. Residents are advised to never provide personal or financial information in situations where they did not initiate the call.

If you are a resident of Loudoun County and believe you were a victim of this scam or of a similar scam, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-1021 or file a report online at http://sheriff.loudoun.gov/reportonline.


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