Campaign Kickoff: Thomas S. Dunn

Incumbent hosts event Friday in downtown Leesburg.

Councilman Thomas S. “Tom" Dunn will hold a re-election campaign kick-off at 6 p.m. Friday in downtown Leesburg.

Dunn is seeking re-election Nov. 6 as one of 10 candidates who will appear on the ballot. He is running for the four-year-term on the platform of, "A Better Town Council for All of Leesburg, a council that needs to refocus on doing the work of the citizens of Leesburg, improving the local economy and jobs base, and moving forward while preserving our beautiful town," he said.

In June, Dunn said if everyone in the town could see what he has seen over the last four years they would be amazed at how little the current council is doing and how much more could be done.

“I am often the dissenting vote on council. I often challenge council to do more, to do better by the citizens,” Dunn said. “The majority of council wants the status quo. I am just one vote of four needed to pass anything. I am always looking for areas where we can improve.”

If elected, Dunn said he hopes to remove wasteful spending, add more jobs resulting from better regulation management that helps citizens and business, and create utility policies that can lower everyone's rate. To learn more about his campaign click here.

More About Tom Dunn:

Dunn is a small business owner in Leesburg where he conducts real estate title settlements. The former U.S. Army Officer of Combat Engineers was appointed to the Town’s Economic Development Commission in 1999 and was elevated to the Planning Commissioner in 2006 before his election to the council.

Currently, he serves as a Loudoun County Planning Commissioner representing the interests of Leesburg. He has served as the Council’s liaison to the Board of Architectural Review and Thomas Balch Library Commission, and was past liaison to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Dunn has also served on the School Board’s Naming committee, the Leesburg Government Center Task force, the Tourism Sub-Committee, and the Infrastructure Sub-Committee. He has also served as the Town Council representative to the Economic Development Committee and the Education Committee of the Virginia Municipal League.

Dunn's campaign kickoff will begin at 6 p.m. Friday near the log cabin on the Loudoun Street side of the town's parking garage.


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