Developer, Hounds Create OneLoudounBallPark.com

The new website comes as partners await necessary land-use decisions from Loudoun.

One Loudoun developer Miller & Smith and Loudoun Hounds owners VIP Sports have launched a website to promote the ballpark the two entities hope to build at the corner of Loudoun County Parkway and Route 7.

The 5,500-seat stadium would be home to the minor league Hounds professional baseball team as well as a new Northern American Soccer League team recently authorized in Loudoun.

Supporters and opponents of the move of the ballpark from Kincora, along Route 28 at Route 7, to One Loudoun. Opponents have raised concerns about noise, traffic and the loss of commercial space at One Loudoun, while supporters say the stadium would be a net positive for Loudoun. With www.OneLoudounBallPark.com, the partners in the project hope to keep the public informed.

“We are committed to being a good neighbor; this includes providing factual and current information to the whole community,” said Miller & Smith’s Bill May. “This website, along with extensive outreach, including community meetings, town halls and one-on-one get-togethers with neighbors, are all part of that effort.”

Besides baseball and soccer games, the operators of the park hope to allow a certain number of high school games and graduations as well as charitable events, concerts and other performing arts events.

One Loudoun was approved for 1,040 homes, 702,000 square feet of retail uses and three million square feet on office uses on 358 acres along Loudoun County Parkway. Homes and several commercial building are now under construction, including the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, expected to open next year. 

SeasonedCitizen December 13, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Fact Check: No original source documents or traffic studies posted, no mention of the total capacity of 10,000 people, all of their traffic estimates are based on a 2010 study conducted for a stadium in Sugarland, Texas, with a “best-case” people to vehicle ratio of 3.4 instead of a “worst-case” ratio of 1.2 people per vehicle, they are trying to make you believe that stadium traffic will be the same as office traffic, they are now promoting orchestras instead of a local “Jiffy Lube Live” as Bob Farren has previously stated, they have six “pro-One Loudoun location” letters to the editor linked with no mention of news coverage by such organizations as The Washington Post or WJLA News 7, their distance map uses the back-end of the stadium as the starting point and ends up in the second row of houses in Ashbrook, the closest neighborhood is actually less than 2,000 feet away from the stadium and the Planning Commission states that Ashbrook and Potomac Green are 1/2 mile away, no mention of the fact that the stadium will be pointed directly at Chelsea Courts and other neighborhoods near the University Center, no mention of the microbrewery, according to official county documents One Loudoun does not have the funding to build the Ashburn Village/Route 7 interchange, One Loudoun’s timeline goes out to 2025, that’s 13 years from now to complete all of their work.
joe brewer December 14, 2012 at 01:11 AM
If your statement is true Seasoned Citizen about the funding for the interchange and the completion date of 2025 then every supervisor that has studied this change from Kincora should be held accountable at the polls. Vote against any that are representing your district that voted for the change. The interchange should be the first order of business as we get our roads then you get your stadium. This backdoor political maneuvering by York and Shawn Williams is what is creating that foul stench emanating from the Board room, who do they think they are the MWAA? Once I gave out the turkey of the year award to Ken Reid but now I think he needs to share it with York and Williams for this boondoggle.
JM Zech December 14, 2012 at 02:54 AM
I get the feeling a decision has already been made in regard to the stadium. My husband and I could buy one of the new houses at One Loudoun ... however, after what has transpired ... no way. We have lived in Ashburn for almost sixteen years. The company I respect is Lerner Enterprises. From the very beginning, Ted Lerner met with the community and truly listened to all of the concerns of Ashburn and Sterling residents ... most affected by Dulles Town Center. He worked with the community ... and, has kept every one of his promises that he made to our community. Because of that, I think that is why Dulles Town Center has thrived and been so successful over the years.
Don February 20, 2013 at 04:09 PM
We know where the PA system will be located and the direction that it will be focused, but no one has told us where the amplifiers for rock concerts will be focused, outfield toward stands/bleachers or opposite. The promoters also seem to think that noise generated by patrons attending the soccer or baseball games and those generated by the 10000 concert patrons is negligible. They never mention those sources. Get real.


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