Former Town Council Member Running for Re-Election

Leesburg resident Bob Zoldos is one of ten candidates who will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Following eight years on the Leesburg Town Council, from 1998 to 2006, resident Bob Zoldos is seeking a new term. He is one of several candidates who are looking to fill one of three seats during the Nov. 6 election and announced his candidacy back in June.

“I believe in conservative values and conservative ideas,” Zoldos said. “I feel very strongly that the town residents tax dollars have to be spent wisely on the town’s needs and not what people would like to have or want to have. Just like your own budget.”

If elected, some of the issues he feels strongly about include the downtown courts complex expansion project. If the courts leave the downtown area, Leesburg is certainly going to have a problem, he said, especially when it comes to economically surviving.

“I’ve seen that happen throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and other places when the court complex leaves downtown," Zoldos said. "Those businesses sort of wither up and dry. So I think it’s critically important.”

Another important issue is out-of-town utility rates. A reasonable fee must be determined for out-of-town utility users, he said, to ensure that the town’s growing infrastructure is on a sound financial basis to maintain, repair and construct new systems as required.

Other issues Zoldos said he’d like to tackle include town code realignment, King Street revitalization, 2017 debt service, annexation and attracting commercial businesses.

More About Bob Zoldos

Zoldos has been a Leesburg resident for the past 44 years. He holds a B.A. from Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, W. Va., and is a graduate of The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership (University of Virginia) Charlottesville, Va.

Zoldos has been employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the past thirty-seven years as an Air Traffic Controller, Supervisor and Facility Manager and Branch Manager. In addition, has eight years of experience working as a project manager.

During his time on council, he served on a number of commissions and committees while prioritizing the issues facing the town.

Zoldos said his professional experiences have taught him invaluable skills in getting things done. He plans on retiring this December, which would allow him to give his full attention to the needs of the town.

“I see myself not as a politician but as a public servant and that’s the view I’ve always had. I’ve always tried to do the right thing for the voters out there,” Zoldos said. “I’ve been fortunate to have the residents of Leesburg vote me as a representative of the Town Council for eight years, or two different terms. So I would hope they would consider my background and elect me again.”

To learn more about Bob Zoldos visit his campaign website. His Q & A will be posted later this week.


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