Loudoun Reorganizes Transportation, Solid Waste Agencies

Transportation, Construction, Waste Management and Assessments are all in the shuffle.

Loudoun County Administrator Tim Hemstreet announced this week his plans to reorganize the Office of Transportation Services and the Department of Construction and Waste Management, effective Dec. 20.

The new Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure will incorporate the Office of Transportation Services with the capital planning, budgeting, design and construction management functions currently housed in the Department of Construction and Waste Management.

“This newly configured department will allow for a more streamlined focus of the transportation aspect of the county’s current capital projects,” Hemstreet said in a press release. “Given that our focus will include more transportation-related projects in the future rather than less, it’s important to have a strong link to the capital project management function and to strengthen ties to planning, budgeting, design and construction.”

Rick Conner has been selected to head the new department on an interim basis. Conner is now serving as Interim Director of the Office of Transportation Services. The county is currently recruiting to fill the position of Director of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure permanently.

The Department of General Services will take over the other programs that are currently part of the Department of Construction and Waste Management, including the Energy and Environmental Management Program and the Solid Waste Division, including landfill operations. 

In a separate move, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors has approved the transfer of the real estate assessment function from the Office of the Assessor to the Commissioner of the Revenue, effective Dec. 20. The move comes after a recommendation from the board-appointed Government Reform Commission. The Government Reform Commission’s report on the issue and other commission recommendations are available online at www.loudoun.gov/reform.


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