Q & A: Town Council Candidate David Butler

Following his election back in 2008, Butler is hoping to serve on the Leesburg Town Council for another term. Elections are Nov. 6.

The Leesburg Town Council will hold their election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Three seats are available including the role of mayor.

Ten candidates will appear on next month's ballot; eight are looking to fill a council member's seat. Among them is David Butler, who has served on the council since 2008.

Below are Butler's responses to a list of questions asked by Leesburg Patch:

Q: What made you decide to run for Town Council?
A: My purpose in running is the same as it was four years ago: to improve the quality of life of every resident of Leesburg. Over the last four years, we’ve built the roads that we need, kept crime low, and improved our Parks and Recreation facilities. We’ve also removed a lot of “red tape” and brought in many new businesses, all while lowering the average tax bill every year. This has helped Leesburg get ranked #4 by Money magazine as the best town in America to live in.

If re-elected, I will continue to move forward with comprehensive transportation solutions. We’re pretty good at building roads that we need for automobiles, but not as good at getting bus shelters, sidewalks, trails, and crosswalks. I’ve succeeded in getting some additional bus shelters and improvements in bicycle facilities, but it’s not enough. It’s important that we find the political will to provide solutions for all modes of travel.

Q: After speaking with the voters during your campaign, what is one concern that you've heard the most and how would you address it?
A: Overwhelmingly, during this campaign, voters have mentioned issues with billing and collections. While mundane, these are issues that affect everyone in Leesburg. I’ve heard stories ranging from wrong tax bills, water bills that are too high, difficulties paying bills, payments re-routed to the wrong department, and a number of stories showing a lack of customer service. In the past four years, we’ve done a great job becoming business-friendly, so much so that we received an award from the Virginia Municipal League. If elected, I intend to focus the town on becoming much more “customer friendly” so that our billing and collections processes are #1 in the state.

Q: A recent debate in the town has been the possible relocation of the court system from downtown Leesburg. What are your views on this topic as well as your position?
A: As a county resident who pays county taxes, my position is that we should be as cost-effective as we can. It would be much less expensive to keep the court complex downtown, and it would be much more convenient to all of the court’s workers. Downtown Leesburg is an ideal location and there is already an approved expansion plan in place. Safety concerns can be easily addressed if we all work together. There’s absolutely no reason to move the courts.

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming election? How has your campaign been going and do you have any big events planned prior to Nov. 6?
A: As in all elections, it’s been wonderful talking with so many residents and hearing their concerns. With this being a November election, participation will be much higher than any other. I’ve treated this election like my last one, knocking on many, many doors, attending events, and continuing to do the best job I can for the town.

Q: What is one thing that you would like the voters to know about you before heading to the polls in November?
A: My wife of 21 years, Pamela, and my two sons Alex and Daniel, and I all love it here in Leesburg: Ida Lee, Freedom Park, the wonderful restaurants, the fireworks and parades, and all of the great people we’ve met here. I hope that everyone agrees that the council has done a good job managing the town over the last four years and I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve Leesburg for another term to continue the good work that we have done.

To read more about David Butler check out his campaign coverage on Leesburg Patch or visit his web site.


Leesburg Patch will continue to share Q&As each week leading up to the Nov. 6 election. Did you miss one? You can find more campaign coverage here. And, don't forget to submit your questions to the candidates.


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