Q & A: Town Council Candidate Dwight Dopilka

Special election candidate one of 10 that will appear on November ballot

The Leesburg Town Council will hold their election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Three seats are available including the role of mayor.

Ten candidates will appear on next month's ballot, eight of which are looking to fill a council member's seat. Among them is former candidate Dwight Dopilka, who ran against Kelly Burk during a special election back in April

Below are Dopilka's responses to a list of questions that were asked by Leesburg Patch last week:

Q: What made you decide to run for Leesburg's Town Council?
I wish to be a servant leader of all the people of Leesburg. I want to bring my unique life experience, knowledge and 25 plus years in the private business sector to the town council. In this election it is not about me but serving and representing the people. I have a heart to serve the people in a direct, honest and ethical manner. I believe this is my calling for such a time as this. I have been active in ministries at Cornerstone Chapel Church in Leesburg for 10 years and utilize my God given talents and gifts in support of our community.

Q: After speaking with the voters during your campaign, what is one concern that you've heard the most and how would you address it?
A: We face a tax and regulatory environment at the town level that stifles and impedes new business growth, job creation, and places ever increasing private citizen tax burden. I want to foster a free enterprise business environment that increases our freedom and liberty to pursue happiness living in Leesburg.

This can be addressed by getting town government out of the way of the private sector. I would initiate an independent study of the process work flow steps that new business formation has to comply with and identify all non-value added steps and eliminate them to remove unnecessary “red tape” and move Leesburg forward!

We also face safe and timely public transportation services in the north eastern part of town. The existing Safety Bus service is not working as it could and we can do better. Not one person should feel compelled to cross the Rt. 15 Bypass to get to work or shop while risking their lives. This is unacceptable!

To improve public transportation services. I would implement a routing and ridership review of existing services. Based on the results I would fund out of existing revenue improved capacity and implementing express routes to get people to their destinations faster.

Q: A recent debate in the town has been the possible relocation of the court system from downtown Leesburg. What are your views on this topic as well as your position?
A: I am strongly opposed to the court system moving out of downtown. A move would decimate the downtown economy. The town council needs to help make sure this does not happen by working to address and resolve the reasons why they are contemplating leaving. The court system needs to remain in historic downtown Leesburg.

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming election?
A: I am optimistic that the work and visibility from the earlier special election will carry into this election and contribute to victory. I am excited at all the additional voters that will be participating for the first time in local elections. I continue to fundraise and meet voters.

Q: How has your campaign been going and do you have any big events planned prior to Nov. 6?
A: My campaign is going well and I feel and see momentum for candidates like myself that are responsive to voters and espouse a fiscally conservative platform. I am looking forward to participating in the October 16th candidate meet and greet at the Holy and Whole Life Changing Ministries, 7 p.m. In addition, my family and I will be participating in the annual Halloween Parade October 31.

Q: What is one thing that you would like the voters to know about you before heading to the polls in November?
I want to "Move Leesburg Forward" to the next level by getting the town “out of the way” of business formation and job creation and improve the level of service performance via more efficient, cost effective, town services while lowering taxes paid.

To read more about Dwight Dopilka check out more of his campaign coverage on Leesburg Patch or visit his website.


Leesburg Patch will continue to share Q & A's each week leading up to the Nov. 6 election. Did you miss one? You can find more campaign coverage here. And, don't forget to submit your questions to the candidates.

Ann October 17, 2012 at 11:58 AM
It is gratifying to see new candidates taking up issues I put forth in my May 2010 Town Council bid (Rt. 15 North crossover and better public transportation) and carry in my platform now.. This is the path of leadership. www.robinsonforleesburg.com


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