SCC to Investigate Greenway Toll Structure

Delegate Ramadan made request that the state agency examine the private entity’s operation of the road, consider distance pricing.

Virginia’s State Corporation Commission (SCC) has agreed to investigate the toll structure along the Dulles Greenway, according the Delegate David Ramadan (R-87), who requested the investigation.

Elected representatives at the state, local and federal level have long railed against the tolls on the Greenway, which are nearly $5 each way at rush hour for a two-axle vehicle. With the exception of an exist near Leesburg, all toll road drivers must pay the same toll, whether driving from exit to the next or the full length of the road, which runs from the end of the Dulles Toll Road to Leesburg.

Several elected officials have called for TRIP II, a subsidiary of Australia-based Macquarie Group, to institute distance pricing, in which drivers would only be charged less for shorter trips along the road. . State legislation permits TRIP II to operate and maintain the road at a profit.

“I am pleased that the SCC has responded to my request for an investigation into the toll rates on the Greenway,” Ramadan said. “I am looking forward to seeing this investigation move forward. Further, I will continue to stay involved until distance pricing is implemented.”

Delegate Ramadan first filed a complaint with the SCC Dec. 7 in response to TRIP II’s request for a toll increase. Ramadan’s complaint accuses TRIP II of violating state law with its current toll structure.

A TRIP II representative did not respond to a request for comment Friday.

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Eliana February 07, 2013 at 03:05 PM
Well, hallelujah...


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