Speak Out: Are You Ready for a Government Shutdown?

OMB tells federal agencies to prepare for partial government shut down beginning Oct. 1.

Will congress allow a shutdown? U.S. Capitol (Patch file photo)
Will congress allow a shutdown? U.S. Capitol (Patch file photo)

By Sharon McLoone

The Office of Management and Budget told federal agencies in a memo Tuesday to prepare for the possibility of a partial government shutdown beginning Oct. 1.

If Congress does not stop a lapse in appropriations funding the federal government before Oct. 1, many federal workers would not be allowed to report to work. The problem stems from a looming showdown between House Republicans and Democrats over an upcoming vote to strip funding from President Obama's key health care law.

Workers performing “excepted functions” such as tasks necessary for national security, protection of life and property and making benefit payments under entitlement programs are usually exempt from a partial shutdown, according to the Washington Post.

The OMB memo says agency leaders should review which employees are necessary (PDF) to keep those agencies’ ‘excepted’ functions running. 

Congress and the White House would decide if those furloughed employees would be paid later for their mandatory furloughed time.

How would a shutdown affect you? What do you say to Congress? Tell us in the comments.


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