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Speak Out: Will Ending Herndon's Immigration Agreement Impact Town?

US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement ends 287(g) program that allowed local law enforcement to question about immigration status. Tell us: Should ICE have continued the program in Herndon? Will this make a difference in town?

In December, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement announced it would end the 287(g) program in Herndon and several other jurisdictions to focus on more effective types of enforcement for removing criminal illegal immigrants from the country. 

The program allowed local law enforcement to question those suspected of crimes about their legal status and detain or arrest those here illegally, potentially leading to their deportation.

The Town of Herndon has participated in the 287(g) program since 2007. Last year, they issued 39 detainers through the program.

Read more about the discontinuation of 287(g) in Herndon here.

ICE had 57 Memorandum of Agreements for the program in 21 states, with more than 1,300 officers trained and certified in the program. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell asked ICE to authorize state troopers under a 287(g) program in 2010, but his request was denied.

The agency said in December it would end 17 of those agreements in 2013 and temporarily continue others — such as one in neighboring Prince William County's jail — in order to put more efforts behind detaining illegal immigrants who are deemed a bigger priority, such as those who have committed felonies, rather than going after those who have committed petty offenses, officials said in a release.

The Secure Communities program, which will remain in place at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, identifies criminal illegal immigrants as they’re arrested and booked when they’re taken into custody. 

Tell us: Should ICE have continued the program in Herndon? Will this make a difference in town?

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Don Joy January 09, 2013 at 05:51 PM
"How Barack Obama enabled illegal immigrants to get on voting lists is the heretofore missing story of the actions he took in the 1990s to help expand the number of Hispanic voters. "...analysts who have researched Obama's policy history found that he voted "present" over 100 times as a member of the Illinois State Senate. So he was not actively involved in much legislation. The clues to what he did do in his early days are to be found in his community organizing work. A review of these activities reveals that he was focused on expanding "voter participation." In 1993 he helped run a voter registration drive for ACORN called "Project Vote" which registered 135,000 new voters and was crucial to the election of U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun. "Obama's activities took place within a national context: Bill Clinton won the election of 1992 by such a narrow margin that he immediately set out to create a larger voter base for 1996. To do so he passed the Motor Voter Law, which contains a loophole stating that a potential voter does not need to have an ID in order to register to vote. Expanding the voter base was so important to President Clinton that the Motor Voter Law was the first bill he signed into law as president. Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senator, was also a vocal critic of Voter ID laws. In 1995, the first year the Motor Voter law was to be implemented, Barack Obama represented ACORN and successfully sued the Republican governor, forcing the state to implement the law."
Don Joy January 09, 2013 at 05:56 PM
We know the rest about Obama suing states to stop voter ID. These people are completely without conscience nor an honest bone anywhere.
Don Joy January 09, 2013 at 07:16 PM
President Eisenhower had the right approach: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wetback
Leslie Perales Loges January 09, 2013 at 07:51 PM
"It is misleading to suggest that 287(g) was not an effective program." Just want to clarify, I personally did not say 287(g) was not effective — that was the reasoning ICE provided for ending the program.
Bob Bruhns January 09, 2013 at 07:58 PM
I agree, Leslie. It's not you, it's ICE and the federal government that are trying to make that suggestion..


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