Williams Pushes for Make Up Between Loudoun, Redskins

Supervisor calls on board to re-open negotiations for marketing agreement with team, possible Hall of Fame.

Supervisor Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) today moved to improve what many perceive as a tense relationship between Loudoun County and the Washington Redskins by sending a letter to team owner Daniel Snyder.

In the letter, Williams urged Snyder to keep the team's practice facility at in Ashburn and asked him to consider renegotiating the marketing agreement that the previous board of supervisors rejected. Under the failed agreement, Loudoun would have called itself the corporate home of the Redskins while the team would have used “Loudoun County” on press releases and would have given space to the county on its website. There was also talk of building the Redskins Hall of Fame in Loudoun.

There has been much talk of the Redskins leaving Ashburn and Loudoun County, but at the moment there appear to be no immediate plans to move the facility.

“There was a proposal on the table in 2008 for Loudoun to partner with the Redskins and build a Hall of Fame in Ashburn, but the previous Board of Supervisors narrowly voted it down,” Williams said. “I believe that sent the wrong message to the business community and I hope the Washington Redskins and this new Board will reconsider. The Washington Redskins are an important part of the local community and I know Redskins fans would be thrilled to see the Hall of Fame here in Ashburn.”

Williams sent the following letter to Snyder: 

Dear Mr. Snyder:

I am very pleased to have been given the honor to represent the citizens of the Broad Run district on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.  As I begin my term, I want to reach out to you and your organization as one of the most important employers in my district.  I believe the Washington Redskins are vital to the economic health of my district and I want to thank you for continuing to locate your operations here in Loudoun County.

During my campaign, I saw the need for the expansion of economic development efforts here in Loudoun County.  One of my most important issues was the need for Loudoun to be more business-friendly and to cut red tape for job creators.  While I cannot speak for my fellow Board colleagues, I can say with certainty that they share the same general commitment to economic development. 

As you know, in 2008 there was a proposal to partner with Loudoun for marketing purposes and to build a Redskins Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, the previous Board narrowly rejected the proposal.  As a citizen at that time, I was very concerned about the lost economic development opportunity as well as the unfriendly message that was being sent to your organization and Redskins fans alike.  I personally cannot think of a better location for the Redskins Hall of Fame than Loudoun County.

I would be very pleased to explore locating the Redskins Hall of Fame in Loudoun once again.  Consider this an open invitation for you or your representatives to meet with me at any time to discuss possibilities for this partnership. 

I am very proud that Loudoun County continues to be the corporate home of the Washington Redskins.

Very Truly Yours,

Shawn M. Williams
Supervisor, Broad Run District

Randy Rawson January 10, 2012 at 02:21 PM
This love-fest with the Redskins is a nonstarter. Begging an NFL team with a mega-bucks owner does not behoove a sovereign county. The Redskins are NOT a draw to Loudoun County or to Ashburn. If the Redskins want to build something here, that's fine and that's their right. It's also fine, and their right, to relocate to wherever best serves their needs. No concessions from Loudoun, please. Now, Mr. Williams, get to work on resolving transportation problems not trying to resurrect issues already wisely addressed by a previous Board. You're being a distraction.
redleader1 January 10, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Aside from Mr. Rawson's relatively rude remark above, I firmly believe Supervisor Shawn Williams' idea for the new Board of Supervisors to revist this oversight of the previous BOS is a good move. Having Loudoun County as the real home of the Washington Redskins does have merit for a variety of reasons. Having the Redskins Hall of Fame located in Loudoun County alone would be worth the effort to reach an agreement with Mr. Synder in the longterm interest of the citizens of Loudoun and would be definitely be instrumental demonstrating a step in the right direction for a more "business-friendly Loudoun County." Moreover, as a resident of the Broad Run District, I applaud Mr. Williams for his insight and leadership in this effort. Real leaders are hard to come by & Mr. Williams only a week or so after being sworn-in as a member of the new Board is demonstrating outstanding leadership on several fronts. The increased economic development opportunties rejected by past Boards all need to be revisited which would be in the direct interest of the citizens of Loudoun. GO REDSKINS ~ GO LOUDOUN!!!!
Jonathan Erickson January 26, 2012 at 09:26 PM
If Dan wants to build a HOF here fine just not on the public dime. Who owns the 162 acres the complex is on?
Jonathan Erickson February 23, 2012 at 12:37 PM
The Skins generate 1 million dollars in taxable revenue. At the current Virginia rate we get back 50k on a 250k investment. Outside of the Hilton and some misplaced civic pride agenda the benefit does not compute. We spend 5 dollars to get 1 dollar back. That is a poor use for taxpayer money, your money, my money or anyone elses money. A elected offical who supports paying Dan Snyder and the Redskins $250,000 to practice here should be impeached.
Randy Rawson February 23, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Mr. Erickson's analysis is spot on. Does anyone really think that should he decide to do so Mr. Snyder has any intention to "check with" authorities in Loudoun County before he steals away in the night to another facility? He might, of course: in an attempt to wring even more taxpayer money from the County. The County's sycophantic behavior with the Redskins is unbecoming.


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